Innovative Course Awards

Course award funding for faculty of the Arts & Sciences.


Innovative Course Awards provide funding to promote innovative, inter-disciplinary, and collaborative courses to be taught in the Arts and Sciences.


All members of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.


Application submissions must include:

  1. Innovative Course Cover Sheet
  2. Department/Program Chair endorsement
  3. Course proposal (1-page maximum)
  4. Course schedule
  5. List of possible speakers and participants, including Dartmouth members 
  6. Funding request, including a brief explanation
  7. Department/Program Chair endorsement

Completed applications should be submitted to the Department/Program Chair and forwarded to the Associate Dean.


Courses approved for funding may be offered for up to three years without incurring cost to existing department/programs course counts or FTE caps. In the third year, a course will be evaluated to become permanent offerings with permanent increases in the home department/program course counts or FTE caps.

Expenses and Reimbursement

The Business Expense Policy details these and other expenditures and reimbursements. If there is a question concerning the eligibility of an expense, the expense should be reviewed with an analyst in the A&S Finance Center.