Arts and Sciences Faculty Governance

Historically, the Arts and Sciences faculty, the board of trustees, and the president have shared responsibility for identifying a common vision for Dartmouth and for establishing institutional priorities. This type of governance structure ensures the longstanding intellectual health and well-being of our academic community.

Governance Structure

By the authority of Dartmouth trustees, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences formulates educational policies and programs, supervises teaching resources and procedures, and advises on matters of appointment and promotion of faculty members.  The Arts and Sciences faculty also administers the curriculum, exercises general supervision over various aspects of student life, and takes other actions as appropriate to further the educational objectives of Dartmouth College.

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences carries out its governance responsibilities through a number of faculty committees

The chief academic officer of the Arts and Sciences is the dean of the faculty. The dean oversees the educational policies and programs of instruction of the faculty and all matters relating to the effectiveness, development, and well-being of the faculty. The dean represents the Arts and Sciences faculty and speaks on its behalf. The dean is assisted by the associate deans of the four academic divisions, the associate dean for finance and operations and the chief of staff, along with other staff.