Arts & Sciences Committees

Dartmouth's committees and councils are central to policy-making at the College. The Standing Committees of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences are comprised of elected or appointed faculty members. The committees address academic and educational policies of the College and matters related to student life.

Standing Committees of the Arts & Sciences

Below are the Standing Committees of the Arts & Sciences and their current memberships. To learn more about the functions and objectives of these committees, please refer to the Organization of the Faculty of Dartmouth College. A&S faculty also serve on Councils of the General Faculty. For more information, please visit the Office of the Provost or refer to the Organization of the Faculty of Dartmouth College.

Lisa M. LaFlam, Assistant to the Dean for Faculty Committees, (603) 646-2020.

Committee of Chairs

Comprised of the chairs of the departments and programs of the A&S and several ex officio members, the Committee of Chairs acts on behalf of the A&S faculty in all matters except those involving major changes in policy.

Chairs Of Departments and Programs

Arts & Humanities:


Social Sciences:

Interdisciplinary Programs:

Ex Officio Members

  • Elizabeth Smith, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (Chair, Ex Officio)
  • Philip J. Hanlon '77, President of the College
  • Kathryn Lively, Dean of the College
  • Richard G. Mills, Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Eric Parsons and Andrew Ager (Interim Registrars)
  • Jane Lipson (Chair, Committee on Organization and Policy)
  • Russ Muirhead (Chair, Committee on Priorities)

Faculty Coordinating Committee

The Faculty Coordinating Committee identifies and approves items to be placed on the agendas of meetings of the Committee of Chairs and the Faculty of Arts & Sciences. The Committee coordinates the work of the committees and councils and assists the Dean of Faculty in the elaboration of matters of policy and implementation strategies.

Committee on Priorities

The Committee on Priorities formulates, articulates, and promotes the priorities of the faculty of the A&S as they relate to the budget and allocation of resources.

Review Committee

The Review Committee, at the request of the Dean of Faculty, reviews matters of academic freedom as brought forth by faculty members, certain recommendations for disciplinary actions, and appeals by faculty members regarding reappointment, promotion, and tenure decisions.

Title IX Council

Title IX Council

The Title IX Council consists of fair and impartial decision-makers, and is separate and distinct from the Title IX Team.  The Title IX Council consists of twenty-four elected members of the General Faculty, including fifteen members from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and three members from each of the other three faculties, serving staggered three-year terms. All members of the Title IX Council will receive appropriate training to participate as informed and impartial decision-makers.

The Chair of the Title IX Council, after consultation with the Title IX Coordinator and the Dean, will appoint an Ad Hoc Hearing Committee (“AHHC”) consisting of five (5) Faculty Members from the Title IX Council who have been trained in resolution of reports of Prohibited Conduct under the Policy. The role of the AHHC is to serve as a safeguard on the reliability and accuracy of the investigator’s findings and conclusions through the hearing process described in the Process For Resolving Reports Against Faculty document.

Committee on Instruction

The Committee on Instruction is responsible for reviewing matters relating to educational policies, including those pertaining to the curriculum, undergraduate degree requirements, majors and minors, culminating experience, First-Year seminars and advising, among others.

Committee on Admissions & Financial Aid

The Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid maintains and reviews policies governing admissions to the undergraduate college and financial aid while acting as an advisory body to the Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid. 

Committee on Off-Campus Activities

The Committee on Off-Campus Activities manages matters relating to off-campus educational programs and activities, including the submission of proposals for new programs and changes to existing programs.

Committee on Standards/Organizational Adjudication Committee

The Committee on Standards reviews and takes action on alleged violations of the Academic Honors Principle and the Code of Conduct, cases of unsatisfactory scholarship, certain student petitions, and rules concerning the disciplinary system.

Committee on Graduate Fellowships

The Committee on Graduate Fellowships evaluates all candidates from Dartmouth for prestigious national scholarships and fellowships, including Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell, Churchill, Fulbright, DAAD, Truman, Goldwater, Luce, Gates and others. The Committee evaluates applications for Dartmouth-funded fellowships and graduate research opportunities for graduating seniors, including the Dartmouth General and Reynolds grants.  

Committee on the Faculty

The Committee on the Faculty has a broad mandate to consider matters that affect the professional development and well-being of the faculty of the Arts & Sciences and to advise the President, the Dean of the Faculty, or other officers of the College in these matters.