Roth Visiting Scholar Award

The Roth Visiting Scholar program brings distinguished visitors to Dartmouth for one academic year.


Supported with funds provided through the generosity of Dartmouth Trustee Steven Roth '62, Tuck '63, his wife, Daryl, and their family the Roth Visiting Scholar Award is intended to bring exceptional leaders across a variety of disciplines to Hanover to inspire students and broaden the range of intellectual inquiry on campus.


A call for nominations will be distributed every year for Scholars.

Nominations should be submitted to Please include:

  1. A brief summary about the individual's academic background
  2. The individual's curriculum vitae
  3. A brief statement of how you envision the scholar engaging with the campus community

The Dean and Associate Deans will review these nominations with the intention of selecting a candidate.


Roth Visiting Scholars may be a member of any academic discipline but are expected to be regarded as profound intellectual voices of their era and sit in residency at Dartmouth for no less than nine months and no more than one year.


The endowment supports the scholars' housing during the residency as well as their research, practice, and/or other initiatives that will engage students, fellow faculty, and the public in the exploration of ideas.


Funds are administered by the Arts and Sciences Finance Center (ASFC). The scholar is the responsible account holder for the award. All invoices, business expense reimbursements, and requests for payments are required to be submitted to the ASFC.

In utilizing the allocations provided by this award, the scholar must adhere to all Dartmouth policies and procedures and must meet all Internal Revenue Service stipulations regarding appropriate expenses and required documentation. All expenses must be reimbursed within the fiscal year in which they are incurred. Accounts should not be overspent. In the event, repayment or reallocations of expense must occur.

All items purchased with funding through the Award are property of the College. Upon departure from the College, use of funds and disposition of purchased property is at the discretion of the College.

Upon appointment or arriving to campus, the named scholar should email the ASFC to meet with a Finance Specialist for support in submitting expenses.

Expenses and Reimbursement

The Allowable Expenditures and Ineligible Reimbursements listed below are provided for immediate guidance. The Business Expense Policy details these and other expenditures and reimbursements. If there is a question concerning the eligibility of an expense, the expense should be reviewed with an analyst in the A&S Finance Center.


  1. Stipend
  2. Business related travel expenses
  3. Business related postal or shipping charges
  4. Capital Equipment, research equipment, materials, and supplies
  5. Professional licenses or certification fees; and membership in and/or to professional organizations and periodicals
  6. Scholarly materials (books, journals, periodicals, subscriptions, etc.)
  7. Specialized software and databases, computer peripherals, and data collection costs
  8. Student support for Dartmouth purposes


  1. Lifetime memberships in and/ or to professional organizations and periodicals
  2. Office furniture for work or home
  3. Out-of-pocket payments directly to individuals for services (e.g. editing, researching, and indexing payments are paid directly by Dartmouth as outlined in the Procure to Pay Guide. Contact the ASFC for details.)
  4. Promotional expenses for book publications or other personal projects

Previous Scholars

Previous scholars in the arts and humanities, social sciences, sciences, and interdisciplinary studies have included noted photojournalist James Nachtwey '70, international economist Robert Staiger, theoretical physicist Sylvester James Gates, Jr., artist Enrique Martinez Celaya, critical theorist Nancy Fraser, international relations theorist Charles Glaser, composer and performer Daniel Roumain, and writer and interdisciplinary scholar Hazel Carby.