Local Expenses for Recruitment

Summary of Policy

Recruitment is one of our most important activities. Although the process often seems long and tedious, it is well worth the commitment of time, effort, and expense to continue to recruit first-rate colleagues to the faculty. Therefore, you are encouraged to continue to place great emphasis on recruiting the very best candidates.

The policies and procedures that govern these expenses are described below. We need to continue to use our financial resources wisely. Thus, we may need to place some limitation on the number of people dining out with the candidate. We may also be able to save substantial money on airfare by asking the candidate to stay over on Saturday night or to arrive on Saturday. Before any arrangements are made involving extra lodging for this purpose, please check with your Associate Dean.

Affected Parties

All Faculty

Policy Statement

  • A. Interviews
    Departments and Programs will normally be allowed to bring up to three candidates to Dartmouth for each open position. The Associate Dean responsible for the search may approve additional candidates for interviews.
  • B. Meals and Entertainment
    • The maximum amount for meals and entertainment that can be charged to the recruitment budget of the College will be $400 for each candidate invited to visit Dartmouth. In certain cases, it may be desirable to supplement this amount with department or program budgets.
    • It is imperative that departments and programs include the following five items on bills which are signed for meals and entertainment:
      • the name of the candidate
      • the recruitment position number
      • the name of the department or program
      • the name of the faculty member signing the bill
      • the names of all individuals attending
        The same procedure should be used for lodging which is to be charged to the recruitment budget. It is our hope that candidates will be here no more than one night, but we recognize that travel arrangements often require a second night. We remind you of the special discounts available at the Hanover Inn. You should be aware that only the Hanover Inn will allow faculty to sign for meals. Expenses in other local restaurants will have to be covered by a cash advance or normal entertainment reimbursement procedures. College policy does not allow the P-Card to be used in restaurants.
    • All candidate travel should be scheduled through Travel Leaders at Dartmouth.
  • C. Expenses for Faculty Travel
    If your recruitment plan requires interviewing candidates at professional meetings, you must propose this to your Associate Dean for consideration. We must limit the number of faculty members participating. If this expense is authorized, you should submit to the Associate Dean, prior to the meeting, the names of all Dartmouth faculty members participating in the interviewing. This information will allow us to charge these travel expenses against the faculty recruitment account.

Expenses associated with senior recruitment may require exceptions to the above, but must be cleared with the Associate Dean of your division in writing in advance.

Please note that all candidates for senior positions must meet with the Dean of the Faculty. Contact Leslie Tait in the Dean of the Faculty Office (6-3999) to make these arrangements as soon as the dates of the visits are available.

In most cases, funds are not available for recruiting non-tenure track faculty members. Departments or Programs hiring visiting faculty to teach full-time for at least one year may apply to their Associate Dean for funding to bring finalists to campus for an interview before the appointment is made.


All reimbursement requests should be forwarded to the A&S Finance Center, HB 6050, for approval and processing.

Effective Date

August 25, 2014

Office of Primary Responsibility