Samuel Levey

Academic Appointments
  • Associate Dean for the Arts & Humanities

  • Professor of Philosophy

Samuel Levey is a specialist in metaphysics and the philosophy of mathematics in both contemporary and historical settings. He has published widely on Leibniz's philosophical works and teaches a variety of courses in the history of modern philosophy, metaphysics, philosophy of mathematics, logic, epistemology, and the philosophy of language.


309 Thornton
HB 6035


  • B.A. University of Colorado
  • Ph.D. Syracuse University

Selected Publications

  • “The Paradox of Sufficient Reason.” The Philosophical Review 125:3 (July 2016).

  • “Comparability of Infinities and Infinite Multitude in Galileo and Leibniz.” In N. Goethe, P. Beeley and D. Rabouin, eds., G.W. Leibniz: Interrelations between Mathematics and Philosophy, Archimedes Series 41 (Dordrecht: Springer-Verlag: 2015): 157-187.

  • “On Time and the Dichotomy in Leibniz.” Studia Leibnitiana 44 (2012): 33-59.

  • “Unity, Borrowed Reality and Multitude in Leibniz.” The Leibniz Review 22 (2012): 97-134.

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