Meet the Dean

About the Dean of the Faculty

The Dean of the Faculty is the chief academic officer of the Arts & Sciences. She oversees the division’s educational policies, programs of instruction, and all matters relating to the effectiveness, development, and well-being of its faculty. In this capacity, she represents and speaks on behalf of over 600 faculty members of the A&S. Within her office, the Dean is assisted by the associate deans, assistant deans, and a number of senior officers.

Elizabeth Smith was appointed Dartmouth’s Dean of the Faculty in 2017.

Please contact Leslie Tait, Executive Assistant to the Dean of the Faculty, at (603) 646-3999, for more information.

A Message from the Dean

At Dartmouth College, students learn how to learn.

Believing strongly that in today's world more than ever students must be prepared to evolve and change, our goal is to provide our graduates with the skills, flexibility, and hunger to live lives of constant inquiry. For this reason, we are committed to offering a liberal, interdisciplinary education, one that challenges students to engage in a range of disciplines.

This diverse curriculum hones students' ability to reason logically, critically, and quantitatively, to communicate persuasively and accurately, and act ethically. Our modern liberal education encourages exploration and intellectual risk taking, demanding action with reflection.

A Dartmouth education aims to ignite an undying passion for learning. In this way it aspires to tackle not only the challenges of the present, but also those of the future.