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Why Work at Dartmouth?

Dartmouth occupies a distinctive niche in higher education by combining the virtues of the very best liberal arts colleges and ambitious research universities.

We are committed to providing an undergraduate education second to none, emphasizing close interaction between exceptional students and faculty members who devote considerable time and effort to teaching and mentoring. Those same faculty members are committed to making significant research contributions in a range of disciplines across the arts, the humanities, the social and physical and biological sciences, as well as in a host of interdisciplinary fields.

Our students have access not simply to dedicated teachers but to dedicated teachers who are, or who aspire to be, leading scholars.

Open Faculty Positions by Department and Program

Professional Schools

Faculty positions may also be available at:

Society of Fellows

Open to Multiple Disciplines

Biological Sciences


Computer Science

Digital Humanities and Social Engagement


French & Italian

  • Subfield: Medieval/Renaissance Italian Literature and Culture





Native American Studies


Spanish and Portuguese

Studio Art