Faculty Account Reports


Faculty Funding Reports are available to faculty members who have specific Dean of Faculty Research accounts. These accounts are:

  • Burke Awards
  • Faculty Research and Professional Development (FRPDF)
  • IRR and SRR
  • Endowed Professorship (Named Chair)
  • Startup

The report summarizes the monthly activity on your DOF research accounts. It will list transactions that have cleared through the financial system and posted to your account. Pending or in process transactions are not included, and will not be reflected in the balance. This report can only be distributed to you as the responsible person on the account; sharing this report is at your discretion.

For Faculty Account Balances on non-DOF research accounts - request via email or call (603) 646-2028.  These accounts are:

  • Faculty Prizes
  • Junior Faculty Fellowship
  • Senior Faculty Grants
  • Other Faculty Fellowships
  • Relocation


Reports emails are sent with the following structure:

  • From: iBot Agent 11g
  • Subject: Monthly Faculty Report - Funding Name
  • Enclosure: Funding Account's PDF Report

A separate email and PDF report will be sent for each account.

View guidelines on reading the report.


Reports are sent on the 7th day of each  month following profile activation.

Schedule Variations

  • August reports will summarize "old fiscal year" activity, ending on June 30.
  • September reports will detail "new fiscal year" activity, beginning on July 1. The delivery date will vary, coinciding with the Controller's Office opening of the new fiscal year.


If your DOF research account has an expiration date, and has a remaining balance, you may wish to request an extension of funds. Extension requests must be submitted prior to the expiration date. Approved extension requests are typically extended for up to one year.

To submit a funding extension request:

  • Email an extension request to your associate dean stating how the funds will be applied if the extension is approved.
  • Forward your associate dean's decision to the ASFC for processing.