Extending Sam Levey's Term as Associate Dean of the Arts and Humanities

Levey's extended term will run through June 2025.

Dear colleagues, 
I am pleased to announce that Sam Levey has agreed to extend his appointment as associate dean of the arts and humanities for an additional year. His extended term will end on July 1, 2025. 


Sam Levey

Since taking on the role of associate dean in 2020, Sam has strengthened and elevated the Arts and Humanities Division. His steady leadership played an integral role in supporting our faculty and staff through the disruptions of the pandemic, and in guiding the recruitment of exceptional scholars across the arts and humanities. In addition, Sam has taken great care in managing the smooth transition of faculty during the restoration of Dartmouth Hall. He continues to be a strong advocate for our colleagues in the arts as the renovation of the Hopkins Center proceeds.
As we approach a crucial moment in our deliberations about the organizational structure and budget model for the future Arts and Sciences, I asked Sam to extend his term by one year. Sam's continued excellent leadership will be especially important in the coming year. 
I am deeply grateful for Sam's insights and leadership as part of the Wentworth team. Please join me in congratulating him on his extended appointment as associate dean. 
With best wishes,

Elizabeth F. Smith
Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences