Daniel Rockmore

  • Associate Dean for the Sciences

  • Professor of Mathematics

  • Professor of Computer Science

  • William H. Neukom 1964 Distinguished Professor of Computational Science

  • Director of the Neukom Institute for Computational Science

  • Member of the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience


HB 6188


  • A.B. Princeton University
  • M.A. Harvard University
  • Ph.D. Harvard University

Selected Publications

  • Rockmore, D, S Lyu and H Farid, “A Digital Technique for Art Authentication,” PNAS , Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 101:49 (2004) 17006-17010.

  • Rockmore, D, and R Orellana, “Rooted Trees and Iterated Wreath Products of Cyclic Groups,” Advances in Applied Mathematics , 33:3 (2004) 531-547.

  • Rockmore, D, J D Van Horn, S T Grafton, and M S Gazzaniga, “Sharing Neuroimaging Studies of Human Cognition,” Nature Neuroscience , 7 (2004) 473-481.

  • “Recent Progress in Group FFTs, in Computational Noncommutative Algebra and Applications , J Byrne (ed.), (2004) 227-254.

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Works In Progress

“A Digital Technique for Authentication in the Digital Arts;” “Generic Quantum Fourier Transforms”