2021-22 Faculty Recognition

As we prepare for fall, I would like to recognize faculty members who this past year were promoted, awarded tenure, or appointed to an endowed chair, as well as those who received awards or grants from the Office of the Dean of Faculty and from the centers and institutes within the arts and sciences.

Dear Colleagues in the Arts and Sciences,

What a joy it has been to see you return to our classrooms, labs, and campus gatherings this past academic year. I am deeply inspired by your unwavering dedication to our students and to the highest caliber scholarship and creative work—even as we continue to navigate the pandemic.

Your outstanding work requires great stamina, and I urge you to find time for rest and renewal. For those who are not teaching this quarter, I hope that the summer months bring an opportunity for relaxation. I look forward to seeing you in the fall, when we will continue to find strength and inspiration in our vibrant campus community; and when we will begin welcoming the 22 scholars who will join our faculty during the 2022-23 academic year!

As we prepare for fall, I would like to recognize faculty members who this past year were promoted, awarded tenure, or appointed to an endowed chair, as well as those who received awards or grants from the Office of the Dean of Faculty and from the centers and institutes within the arts and sciences. (Learn more about internal awards and fellowships.) Please join me in congratulating our colleagues on their successes! 

Endowed Chairs 

  • Ayo Coly (African and African American Studies Program), appointed to the Class of 1925 Professorship
  • Sienna Craig (Anthropology), appointed to the Orvil Dryfoos Professorship in Public Affairs
  • Ada Cohen (Art History), reappointed to the Israel Evans Professorship in Oratory and Belles Lettres
  • Nathaniel Dominy (Anthropology), reappointed to the Charles Hansen Professorship
  • Yusaku Horiuchi (Government), reappointed to the Mitsui Professorship
  • F. Jon Kull (Chemistry), reappointed to the Rodgers Professorship
  • Douglas Staiger (Economics), reappointed to the John Sloan Dickey Third Century Professorship in the Social Sciences 

Promotion to Full Professor

  • Robert Baum (African and African American Studies and Religion)
  • Ryan Calsbeek (Biological Sciences)
  • Josh Compton (Speech in the Institute of Writing and Rhetoric)
  • Jeremy DeSilva (Anthropology)
  • Meredith Kelly (Earth Sciences)
  • Jodie Mack (Film and Media Studies)
  • David Plunkett (Philosophy)
  • Daryl Press (Government)
  • Israel Reyes (Spanish and Portuguese) 

Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor

  • Leila Agha (Economics)
  • Vaughn Booker (African and African American Studies and Religion)
  • Luke Chang (Psychological and Brain Sciences)
  • Bala Chaudhary (Environmental Studies)
  • Chenfeng Ke (Chemistry)
  • Abigail Neely (Geography)
  • Ina Petkova (Mathematics)
  • Michael Ragusa (Chemistry)
  • Scott Sanders (French)
  • Justin Strauss (Earth Sciences)
  • Patricia Stuelke (English)
  • James Whitfield (Physics)

Dean of Faculty Awards

  • Frank J. Guarini Award for Extraordinary Contribution to Off-Campus Programs
    • Zaneta Thayer (Anthropology)
    • Douglas Bolger (Environmental Studies)
  • Jerome Goldstein Award for Distinguished Teaching
    • Nicholas Reo (Native American and Indigenous Studies)
  • John M. Manley Huntington Award for Newly Tenured Faculty
    • Vaughn Booker (African and African American Studies and Religion)
    • Patricia Stuelke (English)
  • John M. Manley Huntington Award for Newly Promoted Faculty
    • Meredith Kelly (Earth Sciences)
    • Jeremy DeSilva (Anthropology)
  • Robert A. Fish 1918 Memorial Prize
    •  Thomas Cormen (Computer Science)
  • Karen Wetterhahn Memorial Award for Distinguished Creative or Scholarly Achievement
    • Chenfeng Ke (Chemistry)
    • Justin Strauss (Earth Sciences)
  • Dean of the Faculty Teaching Award
    •  Nancy Crumbine (Institute of Writing and Rhetoric)
  • Dean of the Faculty Award for Outstanding Mentoring and Advising
    • Richard Wright (Geography)
  • Elizabeth Howland Hand-Otis Norton Pierce Award
    •  Emily Walton (Sociology)
  • Class of 1962 Faculty Fellowship
    • Elizabeth Kassler-Taub (Art History)

Dean of Faculty Senior Faculty Grants

  • Asher Auel (Mathematics)
  • Brad Duchaine (Psychological and Brain Sciences)
  • Chad Elias (Art History), The Cultural Complex: Museum Politics in the Arabian Gulf
  • Mary Flanagan (Film and Media Studies), [Glitching AI]
  • Robert St. Clair (French and Italian), Constellations of Loss: Counter-Modernities in Nineteenth-Century French Literature
  • Laura Ogden (Anthropology), Wilson Award: At the Edge of Extinction

Dean of the Faculty Scholarly Innovation and Advancement Awards

  • Zahra Ayubi (Religion), Women and Gender in Islamic Medical Ethics Project
  • Mary Lou Guerinot (Biological Sciences), Shining light on Iron Deficiency Signaling
  • Trica Keaton (African and African American Studies), The Tyler Stovall Afro/Black Paris Initiative: Global Education at the Intersection of Intellectual and Cultural Engagement
  • Ekaterina Pletneva (Chemistry), Characterization of Extracellular Electron Uptake in Diverse Bacterial Species to Guide the Development of Bioelectrochemical Technologies for CO2 Recycling
  • Chandrasekhar Ramanathan (Physics and Astronomy), Quantum Sensing at High-Magnetic Fields via Defects in Diamond

Leslie Center for the Humanities

  • Associate Professor Research Award (AY23)
    • Aden Evens (English and Creative Writing)
    • Zenovia Toloudi (Studio Art)
  • Co-sponsorships
    • Ayo Coly (AAAS), Margaret Graver (Classics)
    • Gerd Gemunden (German Studies)
    • Simone Oppen (Classics)
    • Richard Beaudoin (Music)
    • Peter Lewis (Philosophy)
    • Robert St. Clair (French and Italian)
    • Analola Santana (Theater)
    • Laura Edmonson (Theater)
    • Patrick Glauthier (Classics)
    • Donald Pease (English and Creative Writing)
    • Baily Thomas (Philosophy)
  • Faculty Research Fellowships
    • Kianny Antigua (Spanish and Portuguese)
    • Danielle Callegari (French and Italian)
    • Misty De Berry (WGSS)
    • Jodie Mack (FMS)
    • Shevaun Mizrahi (FMS)
    • Scott Sanders (French and Italian)
    • Analola Santana (Spanish and Portuguese)
    • Andrew Simon (MES)
    • Miya Xie (ASCL)
  • Humanities Institute Grant: "Affective Currents: Moving the Environmental Humanities"
    • Laura Ogden (Anthropology), Damiano Benvegnù (French and Italian), Matteo Gilebbi (French and Italian)
  • Humanities Lab Grants
    • Katie Hornstein (Art History), Theodore Levin (Music), Israel Reyes (Spanish and Portuguese), Roberta Stewart (Classics)
  • Project Grants
    • John Bell (ITC, DEV Studio), Laurie Churba (Theater), Yasser Elhariry (French and Italian), Matteo Gilebbi (French and Italian), Julia Havard (Theater), Katie Hornstein (Art History), Yuliya Komska (German Studies), Yi Lu (History), Shevaun Mizrahi (FMS), Klaus Mladek (German Studies), James Godley (English and Creative Writing), Ainsley Morse (Russian), Graziella Parati (French and Italian), Analola Santana (Spanish and Portuguese), Victoria Somoff (Russian), Robert St. Clair (French and Italian), John Stomberg (Hood Museum), Sara Swenson (Religion), Amie Thomasson (Philosophy), Tian Yang (Studio Art)
  • Venn Vision Grants
    • Robert Baum (African and African American Studies Program and Religion), Ayo Coly (AAAS), Naaborko Sackeyfio-Lenoch (History), Jesse Weaver Shipley, (AAAS); "New Perspectives on Gender in Post-Colonial Africa"
    • Monica Ndounou (Theater), James Mahoney (Computer Science), John Bell (FMS); "Being Seen: Audiences in Virtual Reality"
    • Jessica Beckman (English), Danielle Callegari (French and Italian), Elizabeth Kassler-Taub (Art History), Matthew Ritger (English); "Early Modern Incubator"
    • Colleen Boggs (English), Katie Hornstein (Art History), Petra McGillen (German Studies); "Photograph, Telegraph, Penny Press: How the Medium Changes the Message"

Nelson A. Rockefeller Center

     Faculty Grant Awards

  • Maron Greenleaf (Anthropology), 'Let Nature Be Your Teacher': Planning and Planting a Green Economy in Northern England
  • Steve Mello (Economics), Effects of Marginal Policing Reductions
  • Meredith Startz (Economics), The Role of Public Lenders in Small Enterprise Growth in Nigeria
  • Jiajing Wang (Anthropology), An Archaeological Investigation of Chinese-indigenous Alliances at Agua Mansa, California

Neukom Institute for Computational Sciences

    CompX Faculty Grant Awards (2022–23)

  • Mark Thornton (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Data-driven discovery and capture of collective human group states
  • Rolando Coto-Solano (Linguistics), Gamification of Spoken Data Collection for Sociolinguistic Research
  • John Bell (Research Computing), Augmenting the Organic World: Minimally Invasive Markers
  • Jesse Casana (Anthropology), Drone Lidar 2.0
  • Charles Crabtree (Government), Discrimination Against those of Asian Descent
  • Katherine Mirica (Chemistry), VeRidium: A Virtual Reality Platform for University Science
  • Elizabeth Murnane (Engineering), Developing children's AI literacy through play-based educational games
  • Julie Hruby (Classics), Associating Fingerprint Patterns with Age and Sex: A Quantifiable Approach 
  • Jiwon Lee (Engineering), Hyperglycosylation of Immunogens via In Silico Engineering (HyperImmunISE)
  • Aman Aberra (Biological Sciences), Optical imaging and computational modeling of electric field stimulation of single neurons
  • Christiane Donahue (Linguistics), A Database of Student Writing for Longitudinal Research
  • Colin Meyer (Engineering), Storage of Water in Snow during Climate Change: Preferential Flow through Snow
  • Jacquelyne Read (Chemistry), Development of Predictive Models for EDA Complex Formation in Asymmetric Photoredox Catalysis

     Wright Center JustX Faculty Grants 

  • Luis Alvarez León (Geography), Miami on the edge: urban change between climate gentrification and technology attraction
  • Emily Finn (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Don't Fence Me in: Defensive Storytelling to Subvert Partisan Stereotypes Encoded in Networked Knowledge Structures
  • Jason Lyall and Brendan Nyhan (Government), A Multiplatform Evaluation of Online Counter-Radicalization Messages in Bangladesh
  • Justin Mankin (Geography), National Attribution of Historical Climate Damages: Data in Service of Climate Litigation 

With best wishes,