Faculty Guidelines for Responding to Violations of the Academic Honor Principle

Affected Parties

All Faculty

Policy Statement

An instructor who suspects that a student may have violated the Academic Honor Principle of the College should observe the following guidelines:

  1. The instructor may want to discuss the suspected violation with the student(s) in order to determine that there has been no misunderstanding between the instructor and the student(s).
  2. The instructor is strongly encouraged to test the validity of his/her suspicion by consulting a colleague or the department/program chair.
  3. If, after consultation, the instructor believes that the suspicion is valid, the instructor should immediately bring the matter to the attention of the COS and should inform the department/program chair. Under no circumstances should the instructor who suspects a violation of the Academic Honor Principle attempt to resolve the matter independently or the student in question.

(Voted by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, May 23, 1983


Office of Judicial Affairs (JAO)

Effective Date

May 23, 1983

Office of Primary Responsibility