Arts and Sciences Staff Celebrate Milestone Service Anniversaries

Eighteen Arts and Sciences staff members were honored with milestone service awards, including Ralph Gibson, who has worked in the physics and astronomy department for 50 years.

Eighteen Arts and Sciences staff members recently celebrated milestone service anniversaries. Staff members were officially recognized in December at an employee service awards banquet.

Among those honored was lecture demonstration manager Ralph Gibson, who has worked in the physics and astronomy department for 50 years. Gibson came to Dartmouth as a graduate student in the 1970s to earn a master's in physics. "They offered me the job before I left, and I have loved every minute of it," he says. "It's such a wonderful place to work. People are friendly and happy."

Over the course of his 50 years at Dartmouth, Gibson has observed many changes, including the transition to coeducation and major campus renovations. "But the atmosphere and the friendliness," he says, "has not changed in 50 years." 

10 Years of Service 


staff members
Clockwise from top: Jose Sinclair, Elena Ciobanu, Carol Bean-Camody, Chandana Nambukara Kodiweera, and Bruch Lehmann











  • Carol Bean-Camody, administrative assistant, Classics 
  • Elena Ciobanu, operations manager, Arts and Sciences Finance Center
  • Chandana Nambukara Kodiweera, MRI physicist and research scientist, Psychological and Brain Sciences
  • Bruch Lehmann, department administrator, History
  • Antonio Rodriguez, post doc, Psychological and Brain Sciences
  • Jose Sinclair, senior associate registrar for operations and project management, Office of the Registrar
  • Leslie Anita Woodger, research assistant professor, Physics and Astronomy
  • Fangfang Zhong, research associate, Chemistry


15 Years of Service 


Nancy O'Brien and David Merker











  • David Merker, administrative assistant, Neukom Institute for Computational Science
  • Nancy O'Brien, project assistant, Dean of Faculty

20 years of Service

  • Ann Fenton, department administrator, German Studies
  • Joshua Landis, research scientist, Earth Sciences

25 Years of Service

  • Margaret Funnell, assistant dean of faculty for undergraduate research, Dean of Faculty
  • Jody Patten, research grant manager, Faculty of Arts and Sciences

30 Years of Service

  • Karen Pelletier, department administrator, Economics


20, 25, 30
Left to right: Joshua Landis, Margaret Funnell, and and Karen Pelletier












35 Years of Service

  • Janice Chapman Allen, curator of visual resources, Art History

40 Years of Service




  • A. Christopher Strenta, associate dean of finance and operations, Dean of Faculty









50 Years of Service 

  • Ralph Gibson, lecture demonstration manager, Physics and Astronomy